WInlive Pro Synth

WInlive Pro Synth 6.0.06

Professional program multiplayer midi, mp3, cdg in kar and video with sound generator virtual .When says karaoke is said Win

Professional multiplayer midi, mp3, cdg. kar and video with virtual sound generator. When says karaoke is said Winlive

• Playback multimedia files (midi, kar, mp3, wav, CDG, avi, mpg, mp4, flv, txt, rtf, jpg, gif, bmp)

• Management key change for Midi files, Audio and Video

• Audio recording of the Midi and Audio

• Pre-listening to the audio file in the second device

• Immediate booking with fade out or mixing between Audio song and Midi

• Insert effects in real-time to track the main and secondary or recording (audio)

• Possibility to combine a midi to audio and vice versa, or two audio tracks together

• Dual monitor support (even for video files and CDG)

• Enhanced database for cataloging files and related settings

• User sound editor for the creation of new sound banks

• User drumkit editor for creating new drumkit

• Audio Samples editor to enter real-time up to 100 samples

• Physical or virtual storage of changes to files

• Manage up to 16 different devices for MIDI

• Import text in TXT or RTF (electronic music-stand)

• Various display methods karaoke including agreements on text

• Ability to edit individual notes of the drum track

• Ability to associate a text to an Audio or Midi

• Reading and writing the text and agreements for Midi and Audio files directly in

• Compressor volumes for both the Audio File that Midi

• Inserting 10 locators for each song

• Inserting lyrics and chords for Midi files and MP3

• Inserting images as background

• Import Groove both midi and audio

• Private landlords with detailed input text, images, loops, jump change color at specific points

• Display score and simplified notes on midifiles

• Generator of sounds of high quality

Developed by PROMUSICSOFTWARE leader in offering unique features of its kind. Program very popular in Italy and abroad. It boasts numerous awards. Program very intuitive and immediate. The program preferred by thousands of users

The PROMUSICSOFTWARE has a series of programs suitable for both professionals and amateurs karaoke.

When says karaoke is said Winlive

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WInlive Pro Synth


WInlive Pro Synth 6.0.06

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